Saturday, 4 October 2008

Examples of How to write a character synopsis

Examples of how to write a character synopsis from Chris Sander's

About Kiskaloo!


Former Hollywood actor. Used to play the pet of an attractive middle-class family. Lost his eye at a craft-services table mishap. After that, he played the companion to an action-movie villain, and found that it suited him better. After that franchise ran its course he was put up for adoption, but ran away. He began showing up on sets again. By using the pause function on a DVD player, you can find him lurking in the background of big-budget movies. He can be seen eating a cheese sandwich during the climactic volcanic explosion sequence of “The Last Days of Pompei.” During a love scene in “Terror on Moonbase 12” he can be glimpsed outside a window, cleaning himself in a crater. And he shows up no fewer than seven times in the background of “Natural Corruption” - snoozing on a drawer in the morgue, toasting marshmallows on the beach during a murder, opening the lid of a mayonnaise jar with a letter opener in a police station, sleeping in the serial killer’s freezer, and fishing in a lobster tank during a grocery store shoot-out. After the studio bought a security dog to keep him away, he moved North, where he eventually settled in Emergency, and adopted Sesi. Ogo likes pancakes, action movies, coffee, and watching skateboard accidents on the internet. He believes he could have survived the sinking of the Titanic with only a screwdriver, by removing a cabin door from it’s hinges and floating quietly off the bow.


Born in British Colombia, Sesi is the younger of two sisters. Sesi’s mother is a civilian radar and sonar specialist who works with the military. When Sesi was four, her family moved North to the town of Emergency, so her mother could work on a special project. Sesi’s father was an explorer and collector for museums. He disappeared in the Atacama desert on a mummy collecting trip when Sesi was four. Sesi is Haida, and belongs to the Raven Clan. Sesi does not get along with her sister, who she sees as shallow and boy-obsessed. Sesi doesn’t have many friends at school, which concerns her mother but doesn’t concern Sesi. Sesi likes peanut butter and sugar sandwiches, watches scary movies, believes in ghosts, and still writes letters to Santa. Late at night she nurtures and modifies an ongoing fantasy where she brings the Salem witch trials to a halt by getting herself arrested, tried, and sent to the gallows where she waits for a good crowd to gather before she reveals that she is actually a witch, launching green lightning from her fingertips and generally giving the good people of Salem a real reason to be scared.


Rabbit friend of Sesi and Ogo. Lives in the old Emergency grave yard. Likes classic movies and old books about mischievous rabbits, valiant horses, and young families scratching out a living on the American prairie. Likes using Google Earth to look for lost mines and signs of hidden government bunkers. Worries he will die at the hands of the Chupacabra. Convinced that if everyone on Earth ran the same direction at once, they could either slow or speed-up the rotation of the planet like a hamster wheel in reverse.


Sesi’s Sister. Blames her mother for her lack of a social life because they moved to such a remote town. Blames her little sister for things that Ogo is actually responsible for, like the time he replaced all the faces in her fashion magazines with seven hundred photocopies of Charles Darwin’s head. Eats nothing that’s blue or purple or orange or yellow. Reads all the time. Twists her hair when she is nervous. Hates her feet. Can sing but doesn’t.

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