Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Getting Ready

Getting the story ready for Tuesday. Currently it is running at 2 minutes 15 seconds so I might have to cut some dialogue down. I trying to figure out what is best for the story. Mike Hirsch has been a great help and so has my group (Big Thanks to Simon for dialogue re-write). Hopefully Elisha will do some great backgrounds. I'm thinking of doing R.A.M in 3D. Let's hope it all goes well on Tuesday and I can kick off into production.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Ask Mr. Lizard

Funny video research for the tone of the humour. Enjoy!

Example of what can go wrong on live t.v

Ask Mr. Lizard

Funny video. The kind of tone of humour. Enjoy!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Studio Layout

The Layout drawing I did for the TV Studio. I have given this to Elisha to draw up some concepts and Harry's going to model it.

By Daryl

Studio Layout

Here's a layout I did for the studio. I have given this to Elisha to draw some concepts for it. Harry's going to model it.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Production Schedule

Here is the Production Schedule for this term guys. Have a quick look at it.

Production Schedule

Here is the Production Scehdule for this term. I haven't planned next term yet.

Group Work

Okay everyone. Let's do this. Yeah!

Thursday, 23 October 2008


Hi, This is the group blog for The Professor film. You guys can post your work up here.

Storyboard Pitch on Tuesday!

Ahhhhh! Storyboard Pitch on Tuesday. I'm first one. Gotta get the story ready, got to board it. Got to write essays. Ahhhh!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

New Ideas and Youtube Research

I was just thinking that maybe I shouldn't start with him walking in, but start it with him in like a comfy Professor chair, like Ludwig Von drake has, and have a whole bunch of diplomas, awards and pictures behind him to show that he is a very credible scientist. Something to think about.

Here are some clips from Home Improvement to give you a general idea.

I wanted to find an example of the announcer introducing Tool Time, but all I could find was it in this foreign language.

Examples of sponsors from the Flintstones

Examples of the kind of accents I want from this clip of Song of the South

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Re-worked Story Idea

Here is the new rough storyboard thumbnails. As previously mentioned, the three things I got from David Bull's suggestions was

a) to set up that he is a credible scientist
b) to set up that he's read up all about dentistry but has never actually done it before and
c) that it was a live t.v. show.

I was struggling with this until my brother Lewis suggested that I open it like a live t.v show with an announcer and titles. And Susie now gets used, great. Then all I had to do was mention that he has witnessed many procedures in the past at college and that this was his first. Certain dialogue may need to be tweak and camera angles sorted out, but I'm happy.

Rough first doodles based on David Bull's suggestions

Just some rough doodles I did based on my first instincts to David Bull's suggestions.

What the David Bull (the Aardman Man) said

I had my story session with David Bull. He suggested that
a) I should push the comedy and
b) that I need to set up that he is a credible scientist, that he knows all the theory of dentistry but has never done it before and that this is a live t.v. show.

How I do that I don't know!

Here's something he showed us called the Presenters that I thought was useful. It's not the one he showed us, but it is only one I could find.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Grren Lit

My idea has been green lit. Yeah. Now all I have to do is find a crew and turn out the final storyboard in two weeks. Oh, dang!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Pitch, Wait and Final Storyboard

I did my pitch yesterday. I was the first one to pitch. I think it went well, even considering there was a hick up with the YouTube. Everyone seemed to like it and Mike complemented the pitch. Now I just have to see if it gets picked. I have to wait until next week to find out.

This is the final storyboard for the pilot pitch. It can also be found on my Animated Heads blog, and my channel frederator page.


This is it, the concept art of the Professor. I was going for a Muppet/ Bug design element to him. I also wanted a strong accent as I felt this would make more vocally interesting as a host.

The Prof was born on the Bayou, a child prodigy. He went to college at a young age, moved back home and received a job hosting a live prime-time science show. Due to all his years of study he lacks certain social skills and common sense, but he is incredibly enthusiastic about what he does.

A picture showing how the Prof can retract his lower set of arms. Inspired by a drawing in the making of Lilo and Stitch book.

Nearly Finished Character Concepts

Final Design


Here are some of my concepts for R.A.M. I just started playing around with computer monitors. I wanted him to be able to flash images up on his monitor and still be able to talk.

R.A.M was the Professor's first invention. Dry-witted and calm he adds an air of certainty to the the Professor's over enthusiasm.

Final Design


Here are some of my concept drawings for Susie-May. I wanted to go for that classic Hanna-Barbera look with her. She also had to be of the same species as the Professor.

Susie is a country girl tom boy. Went to local community college she eventually married the Professor and became a Housewife. Sometimes she gets infuriated by him, but ultimately loves him.

Final Design


Here's my concept designs for Mort. When designing Mort I was thinking off a big guy and I gave him Gonzo's nose.

Mort's the Professor's best friend, a lovable, good-natured hick, always willing to help out and enjoys the simple things in life.

Final Design

Story Redo

I created this thumbnail after re-thinking the story. I decided to focus it on Dentistry as everyone has to go to the dentist. It is a little bit crude at the moment.

This was my third attempt at the idea. In this one the ending is altered and I tried to put more information over in it and get all the characters involved.