Friday, 7 November 2008

Script and Scratch Dialogue

Here is the script we used for the voice over yesterday.

Script 6/11/2008

Susie-May: Aunt Marcie’s Fatback bits in gravy. The tinned fatback that sizzles when opened proudly presents The Professor!

Audience: Clap! Clap!

Prof: Howdy! Welcome to the show! You know the mouth is a simply fascinating place. To assist me in our adventures in dentistry today my good buddy Mort!

Mort: (nervous stuttering)

Prof: studying at university I witnessed many dental procedures. I can't believe I am doing my first one. Open Wide!

Mort: Hmmmmpff!

Prof: Look at all these gingivitis filled gums...Isn't that fascinating! While I get ready R.A.M why don't you tell the folks at home more about teeth.

R.A.M: Glad to prof! Teeth are loose bones held to the jaw by soft tissue known as gums. When bacteria enter the gum line it eats away causing diseases.

Bacteria: heh heh heh!

R.A.M: So that's why it is very important to brush and floss your teeth

Prof: A dentist has a wide variety of tools such as drills, mirrors and of course plaque scalars. Now let's get started, make sure you dig in deep. Hmmm having a bit of trouble here. Maybe if I pull a little. GULP!

Ram: GASP!

Mort: EEEE!

Mmft! Mmft! Mmft! Mmft!

Prof: Well we have come to the end of our show see you next time science seekers

Susie-May: This episode was brought to you by Aunt Marcie’s Fatback Bits in Gravy.
Join us next time when the professor will explain brain surgery
Come all back now you here!

Here is the cast list:

Professor/ Bacteria: Daryl
Mort: Simon
R.A.M: Al
Susie-May: Elisha
Audience: Harrison

Al currently has the CD and Simon says he will get to work on the animatic this weekend. Nerve racking isn't it.

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