Friday, 12 December 2008


I have a problem. I signed up to a website called, which is the website Mo used to get his narrator, and posted up the project on there. I then sent out invitations to audition for the project to loads of people, and three have already replied back. So will have to decide and I can't decide. I don't want to tell people no. And worse still, someone has actually gone and already recorded the Professor for us and he is expecting to be paid but he hasn't said how much.

Oh I'm in over my head here.


Harry Ly said...

well if i had to choose out of these three people i would pick the second guy but just for the professor but he needs work on other characters and slowed down. Sounds more fun than the others though.

S Butler said...

I think none of them do the character justice.


Nah teh vocie artists seem talented enough.. but seriously, we do need a better suited voice in my opinion.

elisha watson cva201 said...

i agree with simon with the character voices, i think that daryl was better vocally as the professor, if we are picking between these few i think dan was the best one coz i thought the accent was good.
i think kim was better at playing susie, she sounded good and also she exagerated the parts very well, i think she just needs to be a bit more up beat but thats just being picky.