Friday, 27 February 2009

Flash Coloured Practice

With all the dissertation work it just feels like term just began. It was suggested to me that we use Toon Boom Studio. Simon and I tried that but couldn't make no heads or tails of it. Then we use illustrator, hopefully using the live trace tool, but that came out fuzzy with broken lines, and it's difficult to colour. I just spent the last few weeks colouring all my frames in photoshop with no luck. Finally Simon discovers that flash will do it just fine. What a colossal waste of my time! Oh well, least I know how to make the film now.

I decided that it would be useful for me to practice flash, so using the coloured frames I did, I used them to do a bit of this Mort scene in Flash. Because they were coloured in photoshop it is a bit fuzzy. Also for some reason the frame rate a bit weird. That may have happened when it compressed the quicktime video. Gotta go two weeks to dissertation deadline.

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