Monday, 9 March 2009


Just an update of the things that need to be done.

1. James the sound guy needs to send us back the animatic with sound
2. James and Al, I need to see your animations
3. Al, you, Simon and I have to work on a new production schedule for next term
4. Elisha and Harry, I need to see all your work for the backgrounds.
5. Simon needs to help me colour in some frames

That way we can all get ready for the presentation. Meanwhile, I'm just going to start some other animations. OK everybody?

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elisha watson cva201 said...

Hello Daryl,

I have finished off your scene I just need Harry to either send me his half or the other way round to put it together but I think we are done because when I last spoke to harry he said he was nearly finished, I'm in tommorrow and friday so let me know the day you want the full environment and I will give it to you or Si if he is making an animatic out of it.

If you need any help on the project let me know, also next week when after we have handed in our dissertation we can have a group chat on what to do for our logo etc.

That way no one is worried about dissertation and can focuse on the group project.