Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Animation Tests, Drawings and Such

Here are some drawings from the animation. They are still drawings that will be animated later in after effects.

Here is the Prof with the light shade on his head.
Here is the Prof looking inot the audience.
Here is the Prof shocked with lightshade on his head.
Here is Mort worried.
Mort Twang.
Mort in pain..

Fatbback Bits in gravy gloop.
Well Mike told me to put more bits of the audience in, which I hope to get some 2nd years to do. Hence these are shots to tell the 2nd years what I need. I'll put them in the animatic.

Here are the two pencil tests that I did yesterday. The first is Mort being selected from the audience. The second is Mort's head swelling up and down. These are all made up of different shots, so you will see a lot happen in these videos.

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