Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Thoughts and impressions of the first draft of the film

After reviewing the first draft with a number of people, some issues have come to light. There are the obvious ones that we were aware of, the lack of a television set, the blank part were James image was to go, the lack of sound in one part and the flickering light.

However a number of other issues have come up also. Firstly there are a lot of places where the characters are just frozen that I think needs to be cut. Other parts characters are moving a bi too slowly. When the prof runs off during the competent scene people get confused, we need a puff of smoke or something in there. We will have to do a proper reverse pan for the end and put the audience members in the shot. The teeth are just too gross for some people and I think may need to be corrected. Simon wants to change the textures in the background, so they are more cartoony. James didn't animated the prof's hand moving when he examines Mort's tooth so that will need to be corrected.

The biggest issue is that people get confused in the audience selection scene. I was hoping that with the sound effects and a proper spot light it would work, but as Simon points out their is no emotional resonance with Mort as we have not met him until this point in the film. We could cut to a shot of him before to establish him which is good filmic language, but would they do that in a studio. Simon suggests doing a pan of the audience but that might be tricky.

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