Thursday, 25 September 2008

Examples of the Informational Format

When I decided that my film was going to be an informational film a look at some examples of my personal favourite animated informational films of the past.

I really enjoy the old Disneyland television programme. I always find it amazing that it was a huge prime-time family audience hit with animation. I especially enjoy the animated informational episodes. The one below "Man and the Moon" explains about the history and folklore of the moon in very stylized animation directed by Ward Kimball.

Ward Kimball also directed this very entertaining short subject called "It's Tough to be a Bird"

I think Ludwig Von Drake is a very entertaining host and I was greatly inspired by this episode of the Disneyland Television Show called "the Truth about Mother Goose"

I am of course a big fan of the Goofy "How to" shorts such as "How to ride a horse" and "How to Swim"

One of my favourite sequences from Jurassic Park was the animated sequence with Mr. DNA. I found it very zippy and entertaining.

Even though not strictly informational films I find the team of Doc. Hunnydew and Beaker very entertaining. I also was intrigued by the Design of the Muppets.

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