Thursday, 25 September 2008

Ideas of Marketing

I was thinking about the marketing of my film and what film festivals to take it too.

As well as creating a DVD and website I was hoping to post the film to Channel Frederator. As you have seen Channel Frederator showcases a wide variety of submitted films and is one of the most popular destinations on YouTube. If my film was showcased there it would surely increase it's viewing capacity.
I was also looking at different animation festivals. I didn't want to go too small like Prague or what would be the point, and I didn't want to go too large, like Annecy or Ottawa. The NickToons Network Animation festival is open to anyone over 18 and very conveniently starts submissions right after college ends. The shorts are judge by a panel of Hollywood Animation expects and the best get showcased on Nickelodeon.
Animex is the big British animation festival held in February of each year. This is my home grown choice of animation festival.
Spike and Mike's is the famous touring animation festival the people like Peter Lord, John Lassenter, Craig McCracken and Danny Antonucci had their starts. Hopefully it is a possibility.
Here is a copy of the rules of the NickToons Network Animation Festival.

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