Friday, 29 May 2009

Current Progress

Well, would you like the good news or the bad news first.

The good news is that Simon and I have completed inking and colouring in the 2nd year frames. We have also done a lot of the 2D artwork for the film, such as Simon's great FatBack Bits in Gravy can (with Snubbs the pig supplied by Lewis) and extra little bits of simple animation in Flash, using Tweens.

The bad news is that Al and James have not completed the inking and colouring on their scenes. This is a great disappointment as now we have to rush covering their scenes. Simon again showed James how to do the inking, and James has promised us that he will get it done for Monday. He did at least start it today.

In other news, we have to get two images in two different sizes handed in for the 5th June and for the 12th June, 6 final film renders, 20 plus images of pr-production and production artwork and any other personal work you might want to show at the degree show. This as well as completing the film.

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