Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Current progress

This is just a post to tell you about the current progress.

After a heated discussion I helped Al finish his animation on time. All inking and colouring must be completed by the end of next week. Also all still artwork must be completed soon.

Lewis and Neil have completed their audience animations for inking. Simon had tried a wide variety of different lighting tests and we found that one TV, the footage straight works best. We are going to try blurring out the background.

We noticed that behind the set it is a bit bare, so we are going to model a tree and a curtain. It's a studio in a swamp so in my mind they would have built it around a big tree.

Sam did an awesome intro and credits sequence with camera pans and effects. Unfortunately, it's too awesome, it looks snazzier than the film. The credits are fine though and I still like the pan in through the letter. Simon had the idea of having the logo in Black and white on a fuzzy TV and as you go through the letter it closes up on the TV and goes to colour.

Maybe we could work something out.

That's it for now.

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